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“STREIF Baulogistik Ukraina” company was organized in 2005. SBL Ua is one of the most powerful organizations that supplies construction market of Ukraine with tower cranes of the best world trade marks, namely LIEBHERR (Germany) and WOLFFKRAN (Germany).

The list of these manufacturers there are all types of available tower cranes:
- high-turn cranes;
- low-turn cranes;
- cranes with horizontal boom;
- cranes with lifting boom;
- self-installed cranes;
- city-cranes etc.

Since 2007 “STREIF Baulogistik Ukraina” LLC is the partner is the partner and supplier of products of the firm WOLFFKRAN (Germany), which is one of the world leaders of tower cranes production. WOLFFKRAN company produces over 40 various models of tower cranes that can be delivered to the customer’s object within the shortest terms. WOLFF cranes are the first that come to mind, when we speak about high-rise construction. These cranes can be installed on the height over 200 m and in free-standing state (without bracing to the building) some models are installed on the height over 100 m. You can see brief history of WOLFFKRAN company and peculiarities of its cranes in short presentation on our web-site.

On web-site technical materials from web-sites of LIEBHERR and WOLFFKRAN companies placed on these recourses in regime of free access are used.

WOLFFKRAN - Exclusive dealer in CIS countries

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